Feedback. Turn. Loyal.

Turn unsatisfied shoppers into happy and loyal customers.

57% of your customers want to share their feedback with you. It’s how and when you ask them that matters! Capture customer feedback, understand your shoppers and turn unhappy moments into opportunities for repeat sales with Qrite.

Turn around.

ZERO unsatisfied customers. 17% higher repeat sales!

Feedback gives you the opportunity to understand what customers like about your brand, and what they’d want you to improve. Knowing where the shopping experience you offer lacks or where your products can improve, and acting on it, helps you ensure no customer walks away unsatisfied.
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Identify happy customers and turn them into loyal shoppers.

Customers happy with a purchase are 5x more likely to share their experience online. Positive reviews, referrals and more! But only when nudged to. Qrite helps you identify your happy customers via feedback. Personalize their journey with your brand, boost customer loyalty and increase sales 🤩
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Ask feedback everywhere and the output into your right system.

Capturing customer feedback has never been easier!

Qrite mkes it easy for eCommerce store owners and marketers to capture customer feedback and gain insights that help their business grow.

  • Shopify

    The best customer feedback app for Shopify stores is here. Identify your promoters, demoters and grow your business in no time.

  • Shopify Plus

Qrite – Shopify App

Easily keep an eye on your customers’
feedback, 24/7. Get started today.

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