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Curious to know what your clients think? Keep an eye on their feedback. Use qrite to stay in control.

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qrite Features

Turn feedback into data

Always ask the right questions at the right time!
Your customers scan a unique QR-code printed on packaging, a sticker or placed in the room. They're led to a survey containing only relevant questions, specific to them, the product/service and/ or location. Any feedback given is instantly visible in your online dashboard.

Better customer satisfaction surveys

Build perfect questionnaires. Connect the questions to place, product / service and time to give your customers a survey that's always relevant. Easily adapt entire surveys at any time, without having to reprint any QR-codes. It's up to you.

Rich, real-time data

The dashboard shows more than just individual feedback. It highlights actionable feedback and shows key statistics for each survey. Using the integrated e-mail service, qrite can automatically notify the right teams or people when follow-up to feedback is needed.

The easiest way to collect feedback

qrite is being successfully used to collect feedback across many different industries like healthcare, hospitality and (on- and offline) retail. Want to know how qrite can help you? Get in touch.


For patients, carers and for assessing internal processes.


How is your stay?


Ensure the best shopping experience: in stores and online.

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