qrite for webshops
Incentivize feedback
qrite for webshops
Do you ship a lot of products? Are you seeing a low response rate on e-mail surveys sent after delivery? qrite helps you to collect more and better feedback.
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Configuring qrite

Link feedback to moments

Throughout the sales process, your customers have various interactions with your business. The most important moment? When their delivery comes in and they can start using their new product. In that moment, your (online) service, delivery, packaging and product all come together. So, there’s no better time to ask for feedback. Use that moment. Print a QR-code on the package, the receipt or add our card in the box. Capture the moment and ask for feedback.

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The result

Rich data and interaction with your clients

By collecting input ‘in the moment’, data will be more reliable. Nudge your customers to give feedback; we recommend to add a small incentive. A discount or free shipping on their next order will increase conversion. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter as well!

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