Servicing 10.000+ non-connected devices?
Servicing 10.000+ non-connected devices?
How do you easily service and maintain 10.000+ devices that are not connected to the internet? Most vending machines, printers, AC’s and other devices will not give a sign in case of issues. qrite makes it easy and quick for their users to report a malfunction, which is immediately forwarded to your technical team for follow-up.
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Configuring qrite

A unique QR-code for each device

qrite’s dashboard allows you to easily create lists, for example per device (type) or location. These lists allow you to easily choose the right questionnaire depending on the input you would like to collect. To ensure feedback is delivered to the right people, simply connect qrite to your services. Avoid having a large contact center and focus on what’s really important: service.

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The result

Reports sent to the right people

If your client files a repair request through qrite, their request is automatically linked to the right device and location. Your customer can choose to also leave his contact details for further follow-up if necessary. The request is directly sent to the right mailbox.

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Read our whitepaper to learn about qrites functionalities and to see practical examples from our clients.

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