The best shopping experience.
Creating the best shopping experience means hard work and eye for detail. Start by finding out what your customers are thinking and find out more about them at the same time. Try qrite today.

Get feedback: both online and offline

Today’s consumer shops in the streets as well as online. He might see something in your store and order it online. qrite helps you connect the feedback collected in your store to the data you get from your online sales, giving you the full picture.
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Revolutionizing feedback

Collect feedback anywhere, anytime

Still sending e-mail surveys? Start using qrite and add QR-codes to receipts, invoices, boxes, labels or place them in-store. This way, your customers can share their feedback when they are actually using or receiving your products. Reward feedback to increase conversion. Try giving small rewards like a discount, free shipping, a sample or loyalty points. And while you have their attention, ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or social channels.
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"Everything You Need to Know About Getting Customer Feedback for Your Shopify Store"
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More than just feedback

Handle support requests

As an (online) retailer, you’re highly dependent on third parties such as delivery firms or affiliates. qrite enables you to offer better service by instantly directing your customers to the correct support channel for their query. This ensures that you’re not the one taking the blame for issues cause by the shipping company. qrite also allows you to track issues with for example delivery; allowing you to closely monitor the performance of your business partners.
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Smart. Instant. Easy.

Easily keep an eye on your customers’ feedback, 24/7. Get started today.