"How was your stay?" - Reviews on sites like are extremely important. What if you could stop being surprised by bad online reviews? qrite helps you to collect honest feedback, timely, so you can fix issues when they happen, not at check-out. This hands control back to you and will help improve public feedback on external sites significantly. Try qrite to go from 'How was your stay?' to: 'I'm glad you enjoyed your stay!'

From reviews to feedback

When a guest publishes a negative review, you’re already too late. Your guests expect service and solutions during their stay, not after. Start collecting real-time feedback with qrite. Create your questions, set-up notifications and qrite will keep you informed. Improve your service and stop getting surprised by negative online reviews.
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Feedback separated from support

Not all feedback needs to be followed-up and not every question contains useful feedback. qrite helps you be efficient by automatically categorizing any input received and by sending it to the right person or department in case follow-up is required.
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"How to collect feedback for (many) vacation rentals?"
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Reward feedback

Get your guests to share their opinion! qrite makes it easy to add an incentive to reward responses. A free drink, WiFi code or small discount for their next purchase. Even a small gesture will result in more insights and.. happier guests!
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Smart. Instant. Easy.

Easily keep an eye on your customers’ feedback, 24/7. Get started today.