Looking for honest patient and visitor feedback to help you to improve their experience? qrite is an effortless way to measure sentiment for hospitals, clinics and general practices.

Patient satisfaction

Do you need to meet certain requirements for questionnaires? No problem. qrite allows you to easily set-up templates, using your internal format. You’ll get rich data and the option to easily generate relevant reports.
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Wherever you want to measure

Multi-channel approach

Gathering feedback in different places has never been easier. Whether through signs, stickers, or in nicely framed posters that contain our QR-codes. Gather feedback next to each bed, on your outgoing mail, in bathrooms, coffee corners or a combination of all of these. Find all your feedback in one clear overview and instantly see the sentiment for each location.
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"Targeted feedback, anywhere in the hospital"
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Separate service requests from feedback

qrite helps by automatically separating service requests from feedback and sending these to the right department or individual. Delivered to their mailbox or integrated into your support system. This ensures no time is lost and you can start working on solving an issue straight away.
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Easily keep an eye on your customers’ feedback, 24/7. Get started today.