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With qrite you can start collecting feedback immediately. qrite works great for (online) retail, hospitality and the healthcare industry. But in fact, qrite works great in almost every environment.
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qrite’s feedback tool is easy to use and gives you valuable feedback from the very start. Read more about how we help businesses across industries to collect feedback in a better way. 

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Whether online or in stores, customer experience is crucial these days. That’s exactly why you should start using qrite. Find out what your customers think, both in-store and online. Learn more about your (regular) customers by combining their feedback with the information you already have.
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“Was everything alright?” Most people will just say 'yes' to this, regardless how they really feel. This is because at check-out, it's already too late to do something about a subpar experience. qrite helps you to collect honest feedback, timely, so you can fix issues when they happen, not at check-out.

Fed-up with negative online reviews you weren't expecting? With qrite you are aware and in control.
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How do patients and employees feel about your organization? And how can you further improve quality and safety? qrite is there to support healthcare organizations. We ensure that everyone is able to easily and instantly report both the good and the bad, 24/7. Find out more about how qrite helps healthcare improve.
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"How do you prevent unpleasant surprises from online reviews?"
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