Scan. Feedback. Smile.

57% of customers want to share feedback on your Shopify store. But are you asking the right questions?

The best customer feedback app for Shopify stores is here. Identify your promoters, demoters and grow your business in no time.

A feedback system that 100+ global brands count on.

Our customer feedback Shopify app is on its way, but Qrite is loved by many! "Because it’s so easy for my customers to share their feedback, in return I get in-depth knowledge about my customer. My conversion on sales is much higher." Lionel owner

We find you unhappy customers!

Turn unhappy shoppers into happy customers, and happy ones into loyal!

When customers start falling in love with you, it is the beginning of a recurring relationship.

Before you know, they start buying more from you, recommending your brand to friends and family, promoting you on social media, reviewing your products and becoming your brand advocates.

And when customers start talking about you, it’s proven to increase your sales by 23%!

So, start with finding your unhappy customers and get the ball rolling!
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Autopilot with Qrite

Turn autopilot on with the Qrite feedback Shopify App

Ask personalized for feedback on autopilot on the Shopify thank you page, SMS and/or email. But collecting customer feedback is not the end of the road.

Putting it to work is what matters!

So Qrite has also built an action centre for you to let you know what to do with the feedback on autopilot:

- Request promoters to share product reviews and ratings.
- Nudge promoters to join your loyalty program.
- Send your customer care team the unhappy customers.
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How does the Alert and Case management automation works for you?

We integrated a 4 step approach in our app. You can choice wich channels you use, we do the rest!

1. Successful purchase

Your customer made a successful purchase. We will ask your customer for feedback on the thank you page.
2. Autopilot gathering feedback

Ask for feedback straight after an event happened. For example, send 1 hour after delivery an email or SMS to ask for feedback.
3. Notification to your customer care team

An unhappy customer? We will directly notify your customer care team with all the necessary details.
4. Help promoters promote your store

Ask your promotors for a review or sign up for your loyalty program. Remarket happy customer via ads or email marketing.

"With the Shopify App we turned a lot of customers into loyal ones. Qrite is creating a lot more recurring customers for us."


Feedback vs Reviews

How is customer feedback different from the product reviews and ratings on your Shopify store?

Feedback is like a “report card” on your when it comes to delivering a great purchase performance experience to customers. On the other hand, a product review or rating is just what the name implies - a review of the item purchased. It’s not about how the customer feels about the brand nor is it about how good or bad they felt while making the purchase, and receiving their orders. Product reviews and ratings DO NOT take into account how the customer ‘feels’ about the buying journey.
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You want a closer look to your feedback data to improve you customer satisfaction?

In the Qrite feedback dashboard, you will find all the necessary reports. You find your overall feedback score and the specific feedback score per period.
But that's not all. We will give you feedback scores per product, product category, order growth and geography.

To help you increase your feedback score will give you full access to your feedback data. For advanced analytics you can download all your feedback data in CSV.
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Turn unsatisfied shoppers into loyal customers
with feedback using Qrite!