Turn unsatisfied shoppers into loyal customers and more sales.

Qrite is here to revolutionize how you capture customer feedback, identify promoters and demoters, and what you do with that data to increase sales.

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Turn unsatisfied shoppers into happy customers, and happy ones into loyal!

.Create happy customers

When a consumer is listened to, they begin to have positive connotations with the purchases they make from you.

When customers start falling in love with you, it is the beginning of a recurring relationship.

Before you know, they start buying more from you, recommending your brand to friends and family, promoting you on social media, reviewing your products and becoming your brand advocates.

And when customers start talking about you, it’s proven to increase your sales by 23%!

So, where are you waiting for?

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You’re focusing on one-time sales.

We’re talking about customers that keep coming back for more!

.Grow your store

Does all that customer feedback really get you sales?

  • Every point you increase on the respondent score, your conversion rate goes up by 3.9%.
  • Happy customers leads to 6% lower order cancellation rates.
  • Brands with superior customer experience get 5.7 times more revenue.

A bit of number crunching here, but here’s proof:

We’re not faking it. You could Google it!

A feedback system that 100+ global brands count on.

"Because it’s so easy for my customers to share their feedback, in return I get in-depth knowledge about my customer. My conversion on sales is much higher."

Lionel owner Wijnpakhuis.nl

Our customer feedback Shopify app is on its way, but Qrite is loved by many!

How does Qrite get customers to share their feedback?

We can be pretty convincing. Convincing, not pushy in just 1..2..3!




A shopper visits your Shopify store and makes a purchase.

Before they leave, we ask them for feedback on the thank you page.

But just to be sure, you can connect Qrite with your email, SMS, web push & other apps to request feedback on those channels.

That’s not all. Qrite also helps you take action on the feedback!

.Take action

Collecting customer feedback is not the end of the road. Putting it to work is what matters!

So Qrite has also built an action centre for you to let you know what to do with the feedback.

  • Request promoters to share product reviews and ratings.
  • Nudge promoters to join your loyalty program.
  • Reach out demoters to ask how you could make their experience better.

And most importantly, we tell you how you’ve improved over time!

Get inside your customers heads to win them over!

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It’s pretty much like a marriage proposal and we have one planned for you.

You need Qrite before you put a Shopify reviews app at work!

. Feedback before reviews

You’ve got a review and rating app on your Shopify store. So why do you need Qrite?

Reaching out to a customer who’s had a bad experience to drop a review, is bad news. Know and fix the problem first!

Qrite helps you capture feedback, identify your promoters and demoters. With this data at hand, you can reach out to the right customers with the right message to get positive reviews.

And you can reach out to the unhappy ones to find a solution together!

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Ready to know how your customers truly feel about your Shopify store?

. It's easy


Aren’t feedback and product reviews the same thing?


Feedback is like a “report card” on you when it comes to delivering a great purchase performance experience to customers.

On the other hand, a product review or rating is just what the name implies - a review of the item purchased.

It’s not about how the customer feels about the brand nor is it about how good or bad they felt while making the purchase, and receiving their orders.

Product reviews and ratings DO NOT take into account how the customer ‘feels’ about the buying journey.


1. How does Qrite integrate with Shopify?

The Qrite software creates unique HTML snippets which we copy past into your Shopify Store.

2. Can I do the integration by myself?

If you have development skills or you have an agency, yes you can. To keep the Qrite integration as easy as possible, we do it for free.

3. Can I export my data?

Yes, you can export the feedback data in a .csv file.

4. Is Qrite available in the Shopify Appstore?

Not yet. Currently we are developing an app for the Shopify Appstore.

6. Free while in beta, what does that means?

While we are in beta it is free. No credit card required.

7. When does beta ends?

We are currently developing the app. Estimated time of completion is end of June 2021.

8. Why is feedback different from reviews?

Feedback captures the whole experience of the customer journey. A review or rating is just what the name implies - a review of the item purchased.

9. Do you recommend a combination of feedback and recommendations?

Yes! If you execute a feedback strategy gather recommendation in the feedback process is a really good idea. You can read our blog. Our contact customer care and we will help you to get feedback and gather recommendations on platforms like Google, Facebook and your own site.

5. Do you have survey templates?

Based on our 3-years experience we build several templates who can help you to gather the best feedback. Tell us your goal and we have a template. For boosting sales, creating an mailinglist with only promoters, boosting online reviews, understand your customer satisfaction and more.

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Delivering a great customer experience is tough. But not impossible when you’re guided by customer feedback!

Get ahead of your competitors with an improved customer experience with qrite.

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We make feedback better and easier for Shopify Stores. Scan. Feedback. Smile.

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