Support and service devices?
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Support and service devices?
Servicing 10.000+ devices throughout the country? Want to enable your customers to easily and quickly report issues or request support? Start using qrite.
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Setting up qrite

A unique QR-code for each device

By giving each of your devices a unique QR-code, you will be able to instantly see where you are needed in case of an issue. Having a tailored questionnaire means your customers will only see relevant questions. Their reports are automatically sent to the right department, enabling you to follow-up if necessary.

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The result

Reports. In the right place, at the right time

Start with simple and efficient support through qrite and stop unnecessary questions from contact centers. Lower your operational costs and obtain better insights. Start solving problems; stop processing forms.

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Want to know more about how we help service organizations?

Read our whitepaper to learn about qrites functionalities and to see practical examples from our clients.

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