‘Was everything alright for you?’
Incentive: restaurants
‘Was everything alright for you?’
Are you fed-up with the non-sensical feedback that guests sometimes leave online? Enable your guests to give feedback from their table, whenever they want. Print a QR-code with the table number, on coasters or the menu. Something not to your guests’ liking? You’ll hear it immediately.
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Setting up qrite

Feedback for spaces, tables or dishes

Guests want to be able to give their feedback quickly and efficiently, without answering unnecessary questions. Create custom questionnaires with separate QR-codes for your bar, per table, the lounge and your bathrooms. This ensures you’ll never ask irrelevant questions. Your guests are able to leave their feedback in mere seconds. Reward them for their input by offering for example a free coffee, tea or some sweet treats. Solve any potential issues on the spot. A win-win situation.

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The result

Better, richer data

Nobody wants a bad online review. qrite enables you to collect key feedback during a visit, instead of afterwards. This means you can respond to feedback in the moment, making any visit feel more personal for your guest. In addition, you’ll be able to easily recognize trends and keep up with wishes from your guests in a highly demanding market.

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