How was your stay? Hospitality through qrite.
Extensive reporting: hotels
How was your stay? Hospitality through qrite.
Want to have your guest’s feedback available for reference during check-out? qrite tells you their opinion the moment they give feedback. This helps you prevent unncecessary surprises at check-out.
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A survey for every room

Your rooms are used by many different guests, every day of the year. From regulars to business travelers. They all want the same: a room that feels as if they’re the first ones to use it. qrite enables you easily collect feedback for each room. This helps you identify specific problems per room or floor. Identify the source of noise complaints, see where repairs or cleanings are necessary and much more. Our reporting tool puts it all in one overview, so that you can easily see when and where satisfaction is high, but also where you can still improve.

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Feedback. At the right time, in the right place

Tailor qrite to your needs. Mirror broken? Shower flooding? Your technical staff can get to work immediately after feedback comes in. Has a guest had a bad experience? Bring it up during check-out and find a solution together. This gives you more control over reviews published online after a guest’s stay.

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All your feedback in one place

Search and find

qrite lets you follow-up on feedback immediately. Should your guest also come to your front-desk with a question, then your staff can quickly retrieve his feedback based on the room number, date and time. This enables you to always give the conversation a personal touch.

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Want to know what qrite does for the hospitality industry?

Read our whitepaper and get insights on all of our functionalities. You will also find examples from our clients.

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