Optimal service

Service notifications sent directly to your teams

qrite helps you deliver the best service. We generate smart notifications that are instantly sent to the right teams or departments.

Service requests using your smartphone

qrite enables everyone to create a service report. No calls, texts or e-mails required. Simply scan the QR-code to create a report containing the necessary information within seconds.
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Always on-time, always in the right place

A unique QR-code wherever you need it. qrite helps you instantly see in which room and for which device or installation service is required and what the issue is. People can also add a photo so your team can assess the issue, before coming over.
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Reports in the right place

qrite generates e-mail notifcations for the right people, so they can for instance schedule maintenance. This gives you an instant view of what’s needed where. Double requests are filtered for you and each report contains exactly what you need to offer the right solution.
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Smart. Instant. Easy.

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