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Use our easy app to scan QR-codes

QR-codes are well known by the vast majority of people, with many using one on a daily basis, for example to log-in or for internet banking. To help you and your customers easily scan QR-codes, we’ve developed a free app for both Android and iOS.

Quick and easy access

The latest versions of iOS and Android support QR-code scanning in the native camera app. Open your camera, point and open the link. It’s easy as that. For those with an older phone or OS; we’ve got you covered! Get our free app to scan QR-codes.
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Google Play Store

Not all Android devices have a QR-scanner integrated into the native camera application. Direct your customers to our mobile app to ensure you get the best insights!
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Apple App Store

iOs is ahead of Android in terms of QR-scanner integration. iPhones with iOS 11 or higher installed can simply open and point their camera at a QR-code. If you have an older phone, don’t worry. Just download our app and you’re all set.
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