The best insights

Really get to know your customers

Our extensive reports give you a plethora of options. Search for reviews submitted in a certain timeframe or on a particular product or service, Filter for locations or feedback from particular clients.

Whatever your needs, you will always have detailed customer feedback available to help take the right decisions.

Be the master of your data

Easily search records to find the feedback you need. Hand your customer service organization the tools they need for effective follow-up.
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Feedback. Made to measure.

Want to know how customers feel about your recently launched product? Just set your filters to find feedback from around the launch date and know instantly.
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Are my clients happy around the clock?

When your customers use your products or services around the clock, you want to know when they’re at their happiest.. and when they’re not. Filter for feedback from any time of the day. This is especially relevant at for example (unmanned) gas stations, hotels, or in a general practice.
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Smart. Instant. Easy.

Easily keep an eye on your customers’ feedback, 24/7. Get started today.