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qrite Features

Gathering feedback has never been simpler.

Scan. Feedback. Smile.
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Create campaigns

Createa new campaigns in just a few clicks. Set your preferences and easily link questionnaires and relevant lists with your locations, products or services.
Create a campaign

Use surveys to easily create customized surveys.

Create a questionnaire and tailor it to specific clients, locations, products or services. Get e-mail notifications for critical feedback, the moment it comes in.
Create a survey

This way you’ll ask the right questions to the right audience!

Create your own templates, select your target and choose between different type of questions, in order to create a very customized questionnaire.
Create a list

Choose your target audience

Link your surveys to your lists to launch your campaign. qrite will generate unique QR codes for every entry in your list. This means you have a unique survey depending on the amount of people, locations, products or services, resulting in super targeted feedback.
A unique survey for specific customers.
Create a designated survey per location, room or venue.
Link a survey to specific products, a series or a batch.
Place your QR code and link a unique questionnaire for different services you offer.
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