Effectively collecting feedback during events
Rewarding feedback
Effectively collecting feedback during events
qrite makes it easy to give a small reward for visitor feedback. A WiFi access code, discount on a consumption or free content. This gets you more feedback!
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Configuring qrite

Add relevant content as a nudge

Every visitor is keen to have access to information relevant to the event they’re visiting. But getting feedback is never easy at events. qrite combines the two. Ask for feedback and offer a highly coveted whitepaper, presentation or brochure as a reward. Multiple sessions planned? Create a separate feedback campaign for each session and offer the right content for each session. The more you tailor, the more specific visitor feedback will be. A win-win.

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The result

High response and valuable data

Stop sending surveys afterwards. Response is limited and the value is often questionable. Start using qrite for higher conversion and better results. Because feedback is collected ‘in-the-moment’, you can make improvements instantly in case of a multi-day event. Easily generate a full report after your event has finished, to make the next edition even better.

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