Client case: Know what’s happening at your event
Client case: e-healthfestival
Client case: Know what’s happening at your event
Innovation in healthcare is key during the annual e-health festival. That’s why we chose qrite to find out what our guests are thinking and to generate leads for our standholders.
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Generate leads and receive feedback

How I use qrite

qrite gave us valuable feedback during our business event, where some 40 parties presented their healthcare innovations. By supplying each standholders with an eye-catching table stand that had qrite’ s QR-codes, visitors were nudged to give their feedback and to (optionally) leave their information. This enabled our exhibitors to easily collect leads. In addition, cleverly placed signs allowed us to also collect general feedback during the event. 

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250 times feedback

My result

Around 300 visitors gave feedback over 250 times, making this a valuable addition for both exhibitors and the organization. In addition, over 80 leads were generated for our participating businesses. 

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"qrite enabled us to give our exhibitors a valuable extra through the qualitative leads collected. In addition we received a lot of input for next year, so I’m more than happy with the results!"
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