Client case: FlexMax – Delivering better value for my clients
Client case: FlexMax
Client case: FlexMax – Delivering better value for my clients
I offer my clients a relaxed, natural environment to work in. I’m not always around myself, which is why I use qrite to handle support quesitons.
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How I use qrite

FlexMax offers inspiring (flex)office spaces and meeting rooms. A day away from the hustle and bustle with a full care package and optional breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. qrite is used throughout the day for everything we offer. We measure overall satisfaction of our services, as well as specific feedback on for example dinner. If anything is missing, we will know instantly. 

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My result

Our dashboard allows us to track feedback in real-time, per room, service and client. This allows us to follow-up immediately if necessary. This allows us to service our clients in a better way, without disturbing them by entering during their session. It also ensures their feedback reaches us timely, instead of hearing about a bad experience afterwards. All-in-all, qrite helps me keep my customers happy.

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"qrite allows me to track satisfaction instantly, instead of hearing the feedback at check-out. This way I can help our where needed, without constantly bothering my clients. For me this has resulted in higher satisfaction. Highly recommended!"
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