Feedback Strategy · 28 July 2020

As a webshop, how do you get insights on the delivery service quality at the door?

Niek Ritzen
CEO and Co-founder qrite | The Feedback Revolution

Do you have enough securities in your quality process?
Or do you blindly trust on email surverys and/or online reviews?

Three practical tips for retail businesses:

  1. Ask for feedback continuously, not only afterwards.
  2. Reward people who give feedback.
  3. Make it accessible, including the option to send a photo.


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Insights in feedback in retail
How do you make sure you gather qualitative feedback for your webshop?

When you run a webshop you can’t escape it: products need to be send from point A to B. That means products are being packed, shipped and delivered by a delivery service. Only a few big players can run this whole chain themselves. Medium and small webshops depend on delivery services like PostNL, UPS and DHL.

In this whitepaper you’ll find tips to make sure you gather insights on how your customers rate the delivery. We don’t only focus on gathering feedback. This whitepaper also contains tips to track broken shipments in a quick way. Information will be relayed directly to you, the webshop owner, instead of through the world wide web in the shape of a survey.

We have three tips you can apply immediately when shipping products to your customers.

The three tips we want to elaborate on:

  1. Ask for feedback continuously, not only afterwards.
  2. Reward people who give feedback.
  3. Make giving feedback about delivery accessible and give the option to send a photo.


Targeted feedback, anywhere in the webshops' process.
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Tip 1: during or right after delivery
Ask for feedback continuously, not only afterwards.

A negative experience can lead to giving an negative online review. Why does your customer have to wait days until you ask for his review? Or why does your customer have to look up your e-mail or telephone number first?

You can gather feedback right after delivery, on the exact moment your customer opens the package. This enables webshop owners to quickly react to feedback and improve customer satisfaction.

Was the package broken? Was the deliverer unfriendly? Did the deliverer speed through your street? These are all parts of the delivery chain you can’t affect. Still, the experience with the delivery service is an important part of online reviews for your webshop.

A few tips to get started right away:

  1. Make sure it’s clear where the customer can give his or her feedback.
  2. Make sure it’s clear who handles certain types of feedback.
  3. Make receiving and handling feedback is part of your operational system.
  4. Make sure a customer can leave digital feedback in an easy way.


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Tip 2: incentive
Reward feedback

Dozens of retail companies give their customers a reward to give feedback about their product and service. Probably you’re already doing this yourself. An incentive is a trigger to receive feedback. An incentive doesn’t always mean a monetary reward, it can also be a follow up.

Using incentives

There are a few types of incentives you can use to stimulate giving feedback. We’ll discuss three of them:

  1. Follow up: is the package and/or the product damaged? The customer can contact you and you can solve the problem within an acceptable amount of time.
  2. Reward: leave feedback about the order and receive a discount on tour next order.
  3. Give back other value: do you have a specific interesting video? Then show your video presentation on the thank you-screen after every order. This way you will gather valuable feedback and your customer gets access to the video. Win – win!


Reward feedback

Good ideas and feedback are worth a whole lot to any company. The possibility to look at your own services through your customers eyes is priceless. That’s why it’s so important to gather feedback.

You can gather feedback in an easy way with the qrite tool.

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Tip 3: improving service
Make giving feedback about delivery accessible and give the option to send a photo. 

As an entrepreneur, manager or quality supervisor you’re constantly working on maintaining and improving the service to your customers. Maybe you use periodic quality reports as input for your activities. But did you already think about letting your customers help you to improve your quality?

You can make giving feedback accessible by adding a QR-code to the package. In that way you enable your customers to leave feedback in a fast and easy manner.

It’s important to link your surveys to the experience your customer is having on the moment they give the feedback. By making smart surveys you can use the feedback to analyse and give insights on certain customer experience.

It’s very helpful to give your customers an option to leave a photo with their feedback. In that way, you’ll get great insights into what the customer actually sees. This can help you to analyze, improve and react to feedback.


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