Continuous innovation

What's coming in 2020?

We're proud of qrite. But that doesn't mean we're done! As our customer, you can count on the fact that we will continue to innovate to make qrite even better!

In 2020 are building a strong feedback revolution by optimize en adding new functions to the qrite tool!

Join the feedback revolution!


To make qrite even more user-friendly, we have some updates planned for 2020. Amongst other things, we'll introduce new icons for the tool and add an option to easily download campaigns. We also want to make it easier for our clients to share their thoughts on qrite from within the tool itself.
"Innovation means continuous investment. This is how we want to make qrite better every day!"

Ton Kool

New functions

With your input in mind, we're always looking to improve our software. On the short term, we will introduce functionality for .CSV uploading and PDF report downloads. Need a specific function? Let us know!
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