Who are we?

We make feedback better and easier for everyone.

We are the team behind qrite (pronounced: cue-right). An internationally oriented bunch of people with a love for business, happy customers, laravel and coffee. We have just one question for you: When will you join us for the feedback revolution?

qrite started with Ton’s frustration: why is there no easy way to give my feedback on so many products and services I use every day? Ton started thinking about solutions to this issue, which led me to the untapped potential of QR codes. Together with Niek, we created a prototype. Designer Niels made the brand all the designs. The developers of 3110 and HeerenVijf.nl turned this into a professional tool. We are proud to see that more and more businesses are joining the feedback revolution and are using qrite successfully every day. We constantly thinking about new and better ways to leverage the power of good feedback to help businesses!

Our Culture

A key part of qrite is its unique culture. Crucial to our DNA is our continuous search for improvement. Of ourselves, our product and our services. We innovate every day to be able to deliver the best experience to our clients. qrite is all about these positive experiences. For our clients, for our clients’ customers and for our employees. Through positive experiences and continuous feedback we become better at what we do every day. We leverage this to help our clients embrace the feedback revolution.
“qrite is a product we created together with a large team, which I'm proud to lead!"
Niek Ritzen CEO / Co-founder

Our Values

We want the best for our clients. To this end, we always take a positive and constructive approach. We are conscious about our societal and environmental impact. This consciousness means that we have a solid long-term approach that we believe best serves our clients, our environment and our company. We feel highly responsible for the data that qrite collects and turns into useful insights. We take the highest care of this data: Safety, transparency and responsibility are paramount to us.
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